BNB Tax Preparation Service Privacy Policy

The privacy of your personal and tax return information is important to you and therefore important to us . We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of your information and want to inform you of the measures we take to ensure the protection of your information.

Non-Public Information We Collect

In order to prepare and process your tax return, we collect certain non-public information from you. In particular, we collect the following kinds of information: • Personal information you submit: such as your name, social security number, address, phone number, and information about your family and dependents.

• Financial information: any information related to your assets, investments, income and expenses.

• Financial information from third parties: such as from your employer, bank, stockbroker, mortgage company, and school which furnish information such as your wages, tax withheld, interest income, and deductible expenses such as mortgage interest paid or school expenses.

• Any other relevant information: such as in the event you apply for a bank product (i.e. a refund anticipation loan), we may receive information from you, the Internal Revenue Service, banks and credit reporting agencies regarding items such as your credit history and loan status.

Information Security

We maintain strict physical, electronic and procedural security measures to uphold the privacy of your perrsonal information. Access to such information is restricted to BNB Tax Preparation Services LLC employees who are trained in the proper handling and security measures of clients personal information.

Information We Disclose

Affiliated and non-affiliated third parties may be given access to your information only as permitted by law or with your permission to other agencies that you may be interested in. For example, we send tax return information to the Internal Revenue Service and, as appropriate, state and local taxing authorities. We may submit your information to a third party who electronically processes and transmits your information to the Internal Revenue Service or other taxing authority. If you apply for a bank product such as a refund anticipation loan, your information will be shared with the lending bank upon your express authorization and the bank’s use of that information and any other information received by or about you will be covered by the bank’s privacy policy. And, if you may benefit, we may solicit you for other services which we or other agencies offer.