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Please see some of the most common questions, that our clients have.

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Do you E-File?

Yes.  We do E-File all of our clients tax returns when it is possible.  There are some tax returns which are not able to be E-Filed, and those would be mailed to the appropriate IRS and state tax offices.

Do you charge for E-File?

No.  We do not charge for the IRS E-File or the E-File of your state tax return.

Do you give your clients a copy of the tax return.

Yes.  As is the law, we give  a copy of all of our tax returns to our clients.  We usually give it to them once we are sure that it is complete.

What do you do with your clients information?

All of our clients information is protected with the latest technology on our computers and secured in locked cabinets if it is on paper.

What is your privacy policy?

We do not share your information with any party, other then the ones necessary to file your tax return and process your refund, when applicable.   Please click to see our complete privacy policy and how it applies to you.