Tax Preparation Services

What We Do?

BNB Tax Preparation Services LLC is a full service tax preparation company. We prepare, file and issue refunds for all personal tax returns. We also have a robust business department and assist our clients with their planning for future tax years.

Free Consultation

Come in for a free and accurate estimate of your tax return.  No commitment and no gimmicks.

Get Your Refunds Quickly!

Get your refund faster.  We use the latest programs available to ensure you receive your money as soon as possible.

Free E-File

Do not pay for your E-File.  BNB Taxes never charges a fee to E-File your tax return.


Earn cash by referring friends.  We pay generous fees to our clients and friends who send us clients!

Why choose BNB Taxes?

BNB Taxes has years of experience, providing our clients with a superior level of tax preparation.  Our thousands of clients can attest to the service they have received.  Accurate, friendly and fast service has made us popular to our clients!  Please come in for a free, no commitment consultation and you will see why our clients come back year after year.


Let our licensed and experienced tax preparers fill out your tax return.  Don’t let some inexperienced or unlicensed preparer get you in trouble with the IRS!

Friendly Staff

Our staff members are here to help.  Please don’t hesitate to ask with any question or concerns.  An informed client is out favorite client.

Free E-File

We never charge to E-File your tax return.  E-Filing ensures you get your refund in a timely fashion.

Refund Debit Cards

Don’t have a bank account to receive your refund, do not worry.  We can provide you with a debit card where we can deposit your refund as soon as it’s available!

No Commitment Necessary!

Come in for a free consultation and estimate of your tax return!  If you are not entirely satisfied with the service, feel free to leave without paying anything!

Earn Cash

We pay $20.00 per completed referral, no maximums.  Please send all your friends and family our way to see how much you can earn.